Goals, NOT resolutions

As I was scrolling through my timeline on Facebook, I came across a post talking about setting goals for the new year. As I was reading this person’s post, I realized that we generally set resolutions and not goals. This person made a point to state how we should set 12 goals, one for each month. As I was reading, I began thinking about my past years and why I never follow through with anything that I want to do. I realized, one of my reasons is I always have just one goal and it is usually “get healthy”, “lose weight”, or something else along those lines. So after reading her post I decided to set my own list of 20 goals. With setting goals you will have more success than just one big resolution. Think of it as a bucket list for the new year. Maybe you are wondering what kinds of goals can you set? Well I am going to share my 20 goals for the new year and why I picked each of these things. Some of them are big, some are small, some are fun, and some are important. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, just as long as they are reachable for you. Here are my 20 goals for 2020:

  1. Fall in love with myself
    My first goal is to fall in love with myself. If you are unable to love yourself, it will make it very difficult to love others.  In order to accomplish this goal, I plan to listen to positive affirmations, personal development, and work out regularly. These are things that everybody should be doing, but most people have a difficult time putting themselves first. This should be on the top of our list, it is so important to take care of yourself.
  2. Read the Bible in a year
    I have always wanted to read through the entire Bible in a year. I have started, but I usually only get through about half. There is so much I want to read and learn about, but I never get through the whole book because I just stop trying or I am “too busy.” I have realized, how can you truly have a relationship with Jesus Christ if you don’t know a ton about him or the background of your faith. There are so many times I have heard names or verses or stories and realized that I have never actually read about them. I would like to dig deeper and truly know the whole book.
  3. Pay off credit cards
    This is so important for everybody to do. Especially if you are wanting to buy a house, you need decent credit, and if your credit card balances are too high, with the interest, if you continue to use them, it will become very difficult to pay them off. This is one of the first things I need to do before I can even think about buying a house.
  4. Volunteer more
    Over the past year I started to volunteer a lot more at Give Kids the World (GKTW). This is a village that is for Make a Wish families and other similar organizations to stay there while their wish of going somewhere in Central Florida is being granted. I lost my cousin to cancer when she was around 13 years old, and she was never able to have her wish. So this is why I volunteer. I love seeing the look on a families face when I’ve made their vacation special. My goal is to volunteer more over the next year. I love to be able to make a difference in other people’s lives. Whether it be at GKTW or volunteering at church, I think it is very important to volunteer to make a difference in others lives.
  5. Start playing piano again
    Music is one of the things that has made a difference in my life. Over the past 8 years I have turned away from piano and music in general. This has always been a way that I expressed myself. One goal for the new year is to begin playing piano again.
  6. Cook more
    Over the past year I have started to eat out a lot more than usual just due to time. My goal is to cook more. I would save so much money, and be able to lose weight if I cooked more and ate out less.
  7. Visit all 4 Disney parks in one day
    One thing I have just always wanted to visit all four Disney parks in the same day. In each park I plan to do at least one ride, see one character, walk all the way around the park, and eat one thing in each park.
  8. Travel some place I have never been
    There are so many places that I have never been. I have never visited a good portion of the United States, and there are many countries that I would love to visit as well. I just want to travel some place new this year.
  9. Go on at least one date a month
    This year I would like to go on at least one date a month. This could be a date with myself, friends, or somebody I am interested in. I would like to just be more social this year, and get to know different people.
  10. Read at least 15 books
    I have not been able to actually read in a long time. My goal is to read at least 15 books this year. So often, I read only books for my students and I never get a chance to read books that I enjoy.
  11. Cancel cable
    For the past year I have said that I have needed to cancel cable. If I cancel cable it will give me so much time to do so much more. I will be able to save money, and be able to have time to do other things besides just watching tv.
  12. Clean out my apartment
    In the next year I would like to move. In order to do that, I will have to start cleaning my apartment out. I have so much stuff that I don’t necessarily need. I want to work on my apartment so that when it is time to move, I don’t have so much stuff that needs to go with me.
  13. Go to job interviews
    I absolutely love where I currently work, however, with moving comes looking for new jobs. I may also be looking for a part time job to help me move towards reaching my goals. Either way, going to interviews is great experience when it comes to getting a job.
  14. Move somewhere new
    I have enjoyed living in Florida, but I think it is time for my next adventure. I’m not quite sure where this adventure will take me, but I will know where is right for me when the time comes.
  15. Find a hobby that I truly enjoy
    It has been a long time since I have found something that I actually enjoy doing. I want to explore new things and try them out and see what I enjoy. I want to find something I truly enjoy doing, so I would like to try all kinds of different things out.
  16. Start a savings account
    This is one of the biggest things that will help me with my future. Having a savings account will help me move forward to reach my goals!
  17. Go without social media for at least a month
    I have recently seen that social media has just created too much drama, comparisons, and honestly it is a time waster. My goal for this year is to go without social media for at least a month. I have already said a time limit to only use social media apps for a total of three hours. Thinking about the past year, I have spent so much time on social media, watching tv, and watching YouTube. It is time to start moving forward!
  18. Visit the beach more
    I love the beach, but I never go. My goal is to go to the beach more, especially if I am going to be moving at some point. I want to be able to get out and explore and see all that God has created.
  19. Go to one concert or show I have always wanted to go to
    Each year, I generally see the same people year after year. This year I want to try to see somebody new. Whether it be a play or a concert. I want to be able to see a concert or show I have never seen before.
  20. Fall in love
    Lastly, I want to fall in love. Now you may be thinking, “You don’t choose that”, you’re right…but as I told my best friend, it could be falling in love with a hobby, a place, or a person. It doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic. I just want to have a love for something. Allow myself to love and not to just push everything away. I am open to anything this year.

Overall, no matter what…this is going to be your year! I shared my goals to help you see how easy it is to set a number of goals instead of just resolutions. If you’re anything like me, you set the same resolution year after year, and you always fail.  This year, by setting a number of goals it will help you to stay on track and to be successful in the upcoming year! I hope you are able to accomplish everything that you dream of!

2020 will be your year!

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