A Word

A word. A term.
By Definition: bipolar is characterized by having manic and depressive episodes.
All you hear. Is. A. Word.
don’t see a person
don’t hear a story
All you hear, is a word.

You tell her she’s pretty.
You tell her you want to meet and you want to go on a date.
She says okay, and she finally lets you in
She agrees to go on a date, but first says, I am…..
And all you hear
is a word.
You fade away into a ghost.
You left. Forever. Because all you could hear, is a word.
She’s Pretty. Smart. Caring.  A Teacher. Compassionate.
But to you,
All she will ever be, is a word.
Bipolar. Characterized by manic and depressive episodes.

She is so much more than a word!


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