Depression. A word that many do not understand. A word that others understand every moment of every day. A word that suffocates, and encloses a person. Sometimes it’s hard to make people understand. It’s easier to pretend that everything is okay. A smile is easier than explaining. Or having somebody feel sorry for you. Or telling you it will get better. Yeah…it may get better but, it won’t go away. It will come back. However, a strong support system is what can help you get through. Sometimes I get down about having no friends, but then I remember that the friends I do have accept me for me. Find something you like. Do not let depression win. You can get through it. Yes some days are better than others, but remember that each day is a fresh start. Push on, and try to forget what happened. It will get better. It will just take time, a good support system, and sometimes an amazing counselor or group therapy. In the end…there will be a light at the end of the tunnel that will seem like it is getting closer and closer.

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